You are responsible for the animal’s actions at all times. You agree to abide by these rules: The animal must not disturb the neighbors or other residents, regardless of whether the animal is inside or outside the dwelling. Dogs and cats and support animals must be housebroken. All other animals must be caged at all times. No animal offspring are allowed. Outside, the animal may urinate or defecate only in area directly behind the occupied unit. Pet waste must be immediately removed and properly disposed. Animals may not be tied to any fixed objects anywhere outside the dwelling unit or have signs of having animal tied to fixed objects. No fencing or barriers of any kind may be constructed for animals Your animal must be fed and watered inside the dwelling unit. Don’t leave animal food or water outside the dwelling unit at any time. You must keep the animal on a leash and under your supervision when outside the dwelling. We or our representative may pick up unleashed animals and/or report them to the proper authorities. We may impose reasonable charges for the picking up and or keeping unleased animals.

We have the right to make reasonable changes to the animal rules from time to time if we distribute a written copy of the changes to every resident who is allowed to have animals.

If you, your guest, or any occupant violates any rule or provision of this Animal Addendum (based on our judgment) and we give you written notice, you must remove the animal immediately and permanently from the premises. We also have all other rights and remedies set for in the Lease Contract including damages, eviction, and attorney fees.

You must immediately and permanently remove the animal from the premises if we receive a reasonable complaint from a neighbor or other resident or if we, in our sole discretion, determine that the animal has disturbed neighbors or other residents.

In some circumstances, we may allow an animal control officer or humane society representative to enter the dwelling unit and remove the animal if, in our sole judgment; you have abandoned the animal; left the animal in the dwelling unit for an extended period of time without food or water, or failed to care for a sick animal.

6. If you have violated our animal rules or let the animal defecate or urinate where it’s not supposed to you will be subject to eviction and other remedies under the Lease Contract.

You and all co-residents will be jointly and severely liable for the entire amount of all damages caused by the animal, including all cleaning, defleaing, and deodorizing. This provision applies to all parts of the dwelling unit including carpets, doors, walls, drapes, wallpaper windows, screens, and appliances as well as landscaping and other outside improvements. If items cannot be satisfactorily cleaned or repaired, you must pay for us to replace them completely. Payments for damages repairs, cleaning, replacements, etc. are due immediately upon demand. As owners of the animal, you are strictly liable for the entire amount of any injury that the animal causes to a person or property. You’ll indemnify LESSOR for all cost of litigation and attorney’s fees resulting from any such damage.

When you move out, you’ll pay for the defleaing, deodorizing, and shampooing to protect future residents from possible health hazards, regardless of how long the animal was in the dwelling. We-not you-will arrange for these services.

Each resident who signed the Lease Contract must sign this Animal Addendum. You, your guest, and any occupants must follow all animal rules. Each resident is jointly and severally liable for the damages and all other obligations set forth in these Animal Addendum, even if the resident does not own the animal.